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Sticky Rice & Coconut Milk | by Black Glenn
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Sticky Rice & Coconut Milk


I'm off of work for two weeks to watch the baby so I got the grand idea that I would work on my cooking skills.


I visited yesterday and bookmarked my fair share of mainly dessert recipes and this one in particular caught my eye.


Sticky Rice Mango Dessert.


Obviously you do not see any mango here, so I didn't make it the way you see in the video but I like it nonetheless. It also helps that I've never tasted the same dish made by someone who knows what the hell they're doing, so I really have no reference point.


The hardest part about this whole deal is making the sticky rice. "Sticky Rice" is glutinous rice (a.k.a. sweet rice) soaked in water for a few hours and then steamed. Thai cooks have developed their own little specialized pot and basket to steam sticky rice, but going that route wasn't for me. For one I may never make sticky rice again after my current fascination with it and then I spent ten or fifteen bucks on what would essentially be a worthless pot & basket. So I used alternative method of using the steamer you see in the background there. And no, I can't use a rice cooker because rice cookers are designed to cook dry rice sitting in water. Sticky rice is soaked in water and then steamed with no additional water added.


So because I have no past history in using a steamer to cook rice there were obviously some growing pains. In all I cooked 4 batches (3 cups of rice total). Let me describe my method. As you can see in the picture we only have one rack for the steamer. I placed a saucer filled with rice (even distributed) on the rack, covered, and let cook.


The first batch was ruined because I tried to cook too much rice on one plate (1 cup) and I packed the grains too tightly which made the grains on the bottom take too long to cook. The guide says that you're supposed to steam for 30 minutes. Because most of the rice was not finished I had to cook for an hour. The result was a very dry, tough "exoskeleton" with decent rice underneath.


During the last three batches I experimented with cook time and amount of rice I placed on the saucer. I've surmised that using one rack and cooking over medium heat it shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes to steam the rice. If it takes longer than that you have too much rice on the saucer and the whole batch is basically screwed.

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Taken on February 19, 2007