Folgefonna Visitor Centre
An inspiring new interactive exhibition - a knowledge centre - opened this May at the Visitor Centre Folgefonna National Park situated in Rosendal, Norway. The exhibition focuses on telling the story about our climate, the life in Hardanger fjord and what the Folgefonna National Park has to offer.

Gagarin made two interactive installations for this phase of the exhibition.

One is an interactive table where vistiors can browse through historical highlights of the Folgefonna peninsula. By turning the rim of the table, visitors can travel back and/or forth in time trough a three dimensional landscape of the Folgefonna area. A variety of images and information appear on top of a landscape - highlighting key events in the history of the human settlement and the evolution of the municipality.

Another installation Gagarin produced contains eleven touch screens with eleven different themes on a large carved out map of the park. There visitors find out what outdoor activities the Folgefonna peninsula has to offer.

The exhibition is a result of a collaboration between the Visitor Centre Folgefonna National Park center, the Institute of Marine Research, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and the University of Bergen. The Exhibition designers are Fuggibaggi design studio in Bergen.

Gagarin made the above mentioned installations in close collaboration with the client, Fuggibaggi, Bright, Járnsmiðja Óðins, Svarmi and Samey.
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