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    Ende des Herbstes

    Ich sehe seit einer Zeit,
    wie alles sich verwandelt.
    Etwas steht auf und handelt
    und tötet und tut Leid.

    Von Mal zu Mal sind all
    die Gärten nicht dieselben;
    von den gilbenden zu der gelben
    langsamem Verfall:
    wie war der Weg mir weit.

    Jetzt bin ich bei den leeren
    und schaue durch alle Alleen.
    Fast bis zu den fernen Meeren
    kann ich den ernsten schweren
    verwehrenden Himmel sehn.

    R.M. Rilke , zwischen 1902-06

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    1. CC.L. ages ago | reply

      you and Rilke
      Rilke and you


      bom dia :*

    2. galadedali ages ago | reply

      sempre um poema.. sempre...
      Rilke é ótimo, mas alemão.. difícil de entender... rsrsrs


    3. smiling_da_vinci ages ago | reply

      Very nice reflection. And the flower finishes this photo. Good job!

    4. cariocando (Rogerio Granato) ages ago | reply

      Perfeita, as usual ...
      donde estás Gary ? onde já é domingo...?

    5. cariocando (Rogerio Granato) ages ago | reply

      ... ah, Julio, grande Julio....

    6. timcolumbia ages ago | reply


    7. Alice Albuquerque ages ago | reply


    8. ThruTheBusesSGlaSses ages ago | reply

      You should tag most of your pictures gagah ... they are unique.

    9. trishlet ages ago | reply

      just beautiful

    10. Nicola Okin Frioli ages ago | reply


    11. [ SUD ] Bertil Hansson ages ago | reply

      So much beauty..light..and feelings..

    12. carf ages ago | reply

      Great match!
      Image by Gagah and poem by Rilke.

      Gregory - The Hummingbird Project (Projeto Beija-Flor)

    13. Marta_Gama_Mendes [deleted] ages ago | reply

      sem palavras para esta

    14. SkyShaper ages ago | reply

      This is very eye-catching! Nice work!

    15. framefive ages ago | reply

      I'm normally not too crazy about flower or reflection shots, but I like this.

    16. juvesauro ages ago | reply

      that beautiful and sublime shot

    17. zomari12 [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Ok, ok..... I discovered a surprise today :-)

    18. g567hey [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Explored <100, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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