Astro (untracked)
This set is limited to photos taken with an unaided camera, tripod and standard photographic lenses, the same ones you use – no tracking mount and no telescopes.

I'm very interested in what can be done with my camera and its "daily driver" lenses. I've been having a lot of fun figuring out just how much light the camera can gather, wide open, as you see in some of the images here.

After discovering the cool shots that can be taken of the night sky, I decided to add some astro-photo oriented features to the image processing software I write, WinImages.

I've added mechanisms (with rotation, skew, scaling and translation) that can stack images, then divide the result by any arbitrary value so as to generate results that range from amplification to noise reduction and in-between. The layering system has been augmented to automate many of the steps required to align multiple shots.

Since doing this, I've found that significant improvements in other dark image regimes can be easily achieved using stacking; for instance, moon shots, normally difficult at the horizon, can be made much higher quality by simply shooting a bunch to stack. Atmospheric distortions are just noise of another type, and over a series of shots, the real image works its way through.
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