The stupid... it burns

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    I imagine the post-jump MSNBC interview went like this:

    • How did the ground look, what with all the blue shift?

    • Did you feel it when your mass went infinite?

    • Did you develop your own event horizon?

    • What would you say to that crackpot Einstein now?


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    1. jerryfi_99 31 months ago | reply

      These are the same people who bring us the election coverage.....

    2. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 31 months ago | reply

      We - are - doomed.
      Howzabout 'Photon Felix' as a new moniker?

    3. blakophoto 31 months ago | reply

      Well, to be clear, he didn't move faster than the speed of light. That's be impossible. Instead, space bent around him, and he was safely in a space-time bubble. But, to the outside observer, he *was* moving faster than the speed of light.

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