• The room behind this door belongs to the cats. :)
  • Dragon / Tiger window. It'll be taken out, stored, and put up elsewhere, later.

New door project. Wall cleared.

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We're putting in a door we've had sitting in storage for almost four years. As this is an exterior door, and I am not really any kind of serious woodworker, that four years was spent looking for a reliable contractor who would actually show up as promised; we finally found one (and now know who the flakes and fakes in town are), and so we begin.

That stained glass window has to go as well; we'll be moving it to another position, we have five left open at this point.

  1. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 33 months ago | reply

    Not a project to begin in October.

  2. fyngyrz 33 months ago | reply

    True enough. Tomorrow we go through the wall and plug the door into the prepared framing and load-bearing header from the outside. Then we have a double door that opens five feet over the ground, lol. And THAT leads to...

    ...the DECK project!

  3. Era: '51 - Gone to Ipernity 33 months ago | reply

    Everything in the Universe is interrelated.

  4. fyngyrz 33 months ago | reply

    ...also involves more than one initially thought...

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