Lighthouse worker Anders Folkestadås
The photos in this set provide a glimpse into the life and work of Anders Folkestadås (1865-1914), foreman in the Norwegian lighthouse service.

Folkestadås was involved in the construction of several lighthouses along the coast of Norway. In 1906 for instance he led the construction of Kråkenes lighthouse in Sogn og Fjorane, and later in 1910 he worked at Sklinna lighthouse in Nord-Trøndelag. Both these builds are documented in this set.

A handfull of the photos included here, (those taken after 1914) are produced by Anders' son Elling Andersson Folkestadås (1895-1947). This is specified where applicable.

We are lacking information concerning places and names of people for several photos in the set. We'd greatly appreciate your help!
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