Portrait of a young woman, ca. 1856-1900.

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    Portrait of a young woman. Details in the photo, such as her rosy cheeks and the flowers in her hair, have been hand-tinted.

    Photographer: Unknown.

    Extent: Ca. 7 x 5 cm.

    Medium: Tintype.

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    1. LadyVenere [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

      I agree

    2. rikerodrigues 18 months ago | reply

      wonderful pic.

    3. anyjazz65 16 months ago | reply

      Excellent find.

    4. victoriashang2013 15 months ago | reply

      beautiful girls are always beautiful whenever they were born

    5. DameBoudicca 14 months ago | reply

      Quite a stunning portrait!

    6. excellentzebu1050 14 months ago | reply

      Beautiful Compliments !

    7. CanGood 13 months ago | reply

      mystical and creepy xD

    8. nyske 11 months ago | reply

      I admire the first photografers. They made nice work. I love old photos.

    9. photo23freak 11 months ago | reply

      wonder if she is dead in this photo.

    10. Photo_History - Here but not Happy 11 months ago | reply

      Of course she is not dead! Or maybe you are being factious about the "they must be dead!" mafia that is running rampant.

    11. photo23freak 11 months ago | reply

      most portraits from the 19th century are of dead pictures for two reasons:
      a. most people could not afford it, therefore usually a photo would be taken when a loved one died as a keepsake.
      b. because the exposure time was so long most people did not want to pose for several minutes, yet a dead person would have no problem "posing" for an extended period of time.

    12. photo23freak 11 months ago | reply

      also the reason most portraits from that period were so stoic. it is hard to smile when you are dead.

    13. smokey lace 11 months ago | reply

      This girl is not dead !!... Photo_History is an expert in the field of antique photography and she is completely correct. You said yourself that people didn't smile often because of long exposure times, not because they were dead. Of course, there are post mortems but this isn't one of them.

    14. Photo_History - Here but not Happy 11 months ago | reply

      It is not true that photographs were so expensive that "most portraits from that period" are of dead people. It is true that at the very beginning of photography exposures were minutes long and the process was very rare but improvements in the process very soon reduced the time to seconds and the process became much less expensive. It is not uncommon to see advertisements from the tintype period "12 for 25¢". You must have been visiting the now common web sites that think any photograph with a posing stand base is of a dead person being "held up" and not just a way for the subject to keep still for a few seconds. Below is a perfect example of this from our collection. Twin boys have been photographed by a photographer who had only one child's head brace. The boy on the right has a head brace and is still but the boy on the left has none and has moved a bit. No! neither of them is dead! Also a stiff pose and blank stare are not signs of a dead person.

    15. Piedmont Fossil 11 months ago | reply

      I have been lucky enough to have inherited numerous photos of many ancestors of mine, all from the early years of photography from the 1840s - 1860s, and I can assure you that none of them were dead at the time their pictures were taken. On the other hand, the photo below is a death portrait. It does not look anything like the pretty girl above. (See also my previous comment from last year farther up in this comment stream.)

      Annapolis Postmortem

    16. bootpainter 10 months ago | reply

      for the most part, I would naturally be curious about post mortem photgraphs, but would never collect them, as it would feel like I was inviting Death to sit in my house.
      I think this young woman looks very vibrant, and quite a proto-hippy, with her flowers in her hair.

    17. Rhaed 10 months ago | reply

      Lovely :)

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