Since 2005 each winter I've been trying my hand at capturing snowflake images. Over the years my technique and results have vastly improved.

My current setup consists of using microscope objectives mounted on a Pentax Auto Bellows, which is mounted on a Pentax K3. All this is then mounted on a homemade wooden . I collect the snowflakes on a sheet of glass, and mount that on the base of an old Zeiss microscope which allows me to do precise focusing.

The temperature needs to be cold enough that the crystals don't melt while you're working with them, but not so cold you freeze !! I find temperatures around -7C to be a good compromise. You also need good snow, not too 'clumpy' and not too icy. Happily here in southern Ontario I have lots of snow crystals to play with :)

There's a lot of different shapes the snow crystals can take.

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