Various SDM / CHDK Remotes with External Port

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    This set shows the CHDK / SDM USB remotes that I make and sell.
    For the full set, see

    It shows the complete process of how my standard SDM / CHDK remotes are made as well as the finished end product.

    Please not that I only still make version A
    All other versions are discontinued.

    Version A is the smallest and is basically my standard SDM remote with a third cable that has a 2.5mm socket at the end.
    Price: € 30.-
    In this picture, a timer remote is attached.

    Version B uses three LR44 batteries.
    Price: € 32.50
    In this picture, a wireless timer remote is attached.

    Version C uses one AA battery and has a build-in step-up circuit that converts the 1.5 volt of the AA battery to 5 volts
    Price: € 42.50 (As of September 2011, this version is sold out and will not be made anymore)

    Version D is the same as version B but in a smaller housing.
    Price € 35.-
    In this picture it has a wireless remote attached.

    Here is a small video that shows how these remotes work.

    And here is a second video of better quality, it shows one of the remotes that will be used for aerial photography with a camera mounted beneath a small aircraft.

    In ideal conditions, the wireless remotes allow you to operate the shutter(s) of your camera at a distance of up to 100 meter.
    Note that the attached wireless / timer remotes in the picture are not included in the selling price !!

    When ordering these remotes, please specify the desired cable length and the desired angle of the USB plugs.

    Worldwide priority airmail shipping is free and each remote comes with a spare set of batteries.

    If you want to build your own, I also sell a set of two of the A-type LED lights (including batteries) plus 4 usb plugs and 10cm of heat shrink tube for US$ 10.-

    Payment can be made via Paypal.

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    1. kingshuk.paul 48 months ago | reply

      I need one remote shutter for my S90 , please let me know how do i order and pay you.
      Please include user guide too.


    2. jasonhoney 47 months ago | reply

      Hello am so glad to have found your web site, I am planning on building a book scanner and would like to order “US$ 25.- for a remote with a double cable for SDM” with straight angle USB plugs and the cable length about meter and halve. I am looking at two camera option the power shot A1 1000 or the PowerShot SX200 does the remote support any cameras? I live in Australia I am hopping that’s not a problem. I start uni in three months and would really benefit from having a book scanner.

      Thank you

    3. fvdk3d 47 months ago | reply

      Hi Jason,

      My remotes will work with all of the cameras listed on the SDM site:
      Shipping to Australia is no problem. You can order the remote by making the Paypal payment.
      Please also specify the desired angle for the USB plugs, see:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


    4. 41 months ago | reply

      Do you still sell these remotes. Do you have one for a Canon SX 30 IS. If so how do I order??

    5. Vijulibra 34 months ago | reply


      I recently discovered a device that can be readily used as a remote shutter hardware on my Canon SX 40 HS.

      Happy Superzooming!

    6. GastonBA1 33 months ago | reply


      I am looking for a remote for a SX30 IS that has the video port enable (I need to use the video port output and able to shoot with the remote).
      Could you make one of the kind described?

      I do not care about angle connector type.


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