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New Years Eve 2008

Fireworks on new years eve 2008

View from my bedroom window.


This photo was taken with fudgey's motion detection script of CHDK.


The camera was set to the fireworks scene mode which took care of the exposure time and white balance.


The script settings were:


param a Columns: 6

param b Rows: 4

param c Threshold (0-255): 7

param g Burst/Review/Video time (s): 0

param d Compare Interval (ms): 7

param h Pixel Step (pixels): 6

param f Channel (0U,1Y,2V,3R,4G,5B): 1

param n Timeout (10s of seconds): 30

param e Trigger Delay (0.1 sec): 1

param i Masking (0=No 1=Mask 2=Use): 0

param j - Mask Columns Left: 0

param k - Mask Columns Right: 0

param l - Mask Rows Top: 0

param m - Mask Rows Bottom: 0

param o Shoot fast=0,slow=1,test=2: 0


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Taken on December 31, 2008