Marmite experiment

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    Today, Rusty informed me that if I took some Marmite and hit it for a while, it would change colour, going from dark brown all the way through to white. My attention span isn't *quite* what it could be, so I haven't got as far as white, but I did get to a very pale yellowy brown before getting bored. Then I added a dollop of fresh Marmite for colour comparison purposes. Photoshop has not been used; Marmite really *does* go that pale when whacked with a spoon for half an hour! (You can see some of the intermediate shades of brown around the edges as well. ^_^)

    I'm thinking about spraying on a fixative and submitting this piece to the Tate Modern with the title 'Colossal Waste Of Time'. People will either love it or hate it (o ho ho ho).

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    1. topquark22 100 months ago | reply

      Glad you had fun with this experiment. But remember, safety first.

      All dangerous, noxious/volatile substances should be handled in a fume hood properly vented to the outside!

    2. zorbs 100 months ago | reply

      You might want to add this picture to the Spread that love pool!

      -- (?)

    3. Willyjoeshow 95 months ago | reply

      could the cause be air getting into the Marmite (aeration)?

    4. glenneroo 94 months ago | reply

      hahahahaahhaha i applaud your ability to sit there whacking this nasty poo-like substance with a spoon for that long!

    5. DoreenPortico 91 months ago | reply

      This has to be the single weirdest thing Neil has ever linked to ! ^_^

    6. ozjude1 91 months ago | reply

      Veteran Australian commentators would point out that Marmite does this but god knows that Vegemite is better, stronger, makes your member larger and probably leads to longer life spans. Both sides, of course, are nuts. This stuff is DISGUSTING, even though my son and wife love the stuff.

    7. Some nutter called Mark Grimwood 91 months ago | reply

      I've really gotta know, who discovered this, and what were they on when they tried it. Smacking Marmite with a spoon for 30 minutes to see what happens is not something I'd ever consider.

      And I'm with Ozjude1, Marmite is disgusting.

    8. price_felicity 77 months ago | reply

      Janet you are too cool XD

    9. Psychlist1972 62 months ago | reply

      Presumably if you used a hand mixer on a shallow dish of it you'd get the same results more quickly?

    10. Lulu McTavish 62 months ago | reply

      This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm totally trying it out tomorrow.

    11. Aye.Me? 62 months ago | reply

      Marmite may be disgusting but vegemite is pure awesomeness.
      (I'm Australian.)

    12. Howard Dickins 62 months ago | reply

      Unbelievable. I may have to try this!

    13. shonapenny [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      I'm betting it's something to do with the oil or fat... it looks like it's cracked, I wonder how they make it.

    14. Peter-Ashley 62 months ago | reply

      i think the public will love to hate it. ain't that always the way they work!

    15. gssq 50 months ago | reply

      How long did you whack it?

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