Leiurus quinquestriatus

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    Alexial needs a bath. Now of only one could give scorpions baths... She's a deathstalker scorpion, Leiurus quinquestriatus.

    1. lasertrimman ages ago | reply

      This macro shot is stunning when enlarged. Thanks furryscaly.

    2. dbarronoss ages ago | reply

      With tags like those 'deadly', 'deathstalker', I'd think strongly before being the frog in the fable carrying the scorpion across the river.

    3. Furryscaly ages ago | reply

      Drop for drop the Egyptian deathstalker has the most potent venom of any scorpion species. While being the most deadly, they are not necessarily the most dangerous though. That title I would reserve for Androctonus australis. I definitely do not handle this one at all, though she is fun to watch and care for. I do know the fable you speak of though!

    4. zxgirl 116 months ago | reply

      Pretty! But with a name like that, I'm not gonna be picking her up to wash her!

    5. nelsonmelle 114 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous! She's a real looker.

    6. origamiPete 93 months ago | reply

      you're pretty nuts to pet one of these! =B

    7. GoonBoyRva 71 months ago | reply

      Id kiss it on the mouth

    8. Chuksy64 9 months ago | reply

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