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    This will be edited and replaced eventually.

    I wonder how many people celebrate Independence Day and actually think about what they're celebrating vs how many just celebrate because it's "what you do on the 4th of July", or because they like hotdogs and sun or they like blowing stuff up.

    I think "Independence Day" and the "Fourth of July" have become two separate holidays that take place on the same day. The former is consumed and replaced by the latter. Nobody celebrates Independence Day anymore, they celebrate the Fourth of July.

    Independence Day celebrates our ancestors' hard-won independence from Great Britain and the idea of what our country was supposed to become. The fourth of July celebrates hot dogs, beer, political figures using parades as campaign tools, littering, and being obnoxious. There's only something wrong with that if you think there's something wrong with that. I'm just pointing it out. I also think there's a difference between America and 'Merica, but that's another story.

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