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Ableton Live setup (fri-son) | by furibond
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Ableton Live setup (fri-son)

I did this screenshot for participating to the discussion at CDM:


This is the setup I did for my show at fri-son (Fribourg) in march.

There were 2 obvious parts. For the first part, pretty much improvised, I used the 2 channels on the left and made drones with the guitar, distortion and loop pedals. The second channel has a granulator delay.


I'll rather talk about the 2nd part (kinda noisy zombie-influenced abstract hip-hop) which you can download by the way:


4 channels:

- beats (midi) : main inst/effects : Battery 3 + Livecut + Ohmicide (or Frohmage)

- bass (midi) : Automat (VST synth) + Saturator

- sounds, instrumental stuff, percussions, field recordings (audio)

- sounds (audio)


Send : Reverb

Master : Beat repeat + Crazy ivan


I write midi sequences in advance but I use two midi effects (random and velocity) which affect the sequences in real-time.

Yellow clips are empty, their labels remind me I have to change the tempo or switch on an effect.

I organize clips by color (green, blue, red, a color for each track). The label sometimes correspond to a preset. I'm using midi controllers but if there are two many parameters to change I prefer using presets I've saved.

I do not necessarily play clips in the planned order, I could decide to go back to a previous clip that would anyway sound different because I changed some effects' parameters.


Some remarks :

I switched from Live 5 to Live 7 but I haven't yet used the Rack feature which could be very useful.

I'm using a 3-year old Powerbook that can't run all instruments and effects at the same time. Battery + Ohmicide take more than 50% of my CPU and I'm only using half of Ohmicide's distortion channels, otherwise it'd just kill my laptop. So during a set I have to switch on/off instruments and effects, and I remove channels as soon as I don't need them anymore... That's not very convenient.



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Uploaded on July 17, 2008