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Stamps from the Future:Turing Test

Digital closeup of the Turing Test stamp.


I had the idea one day recently of creating "Stamps from the Future" -- trying to answer the question, what might a stamp look like a hundred years from now, what might it commemorate?

The above image is my first creation, "Turing Test:Pass", celebrating some future AI actually passing Alan Turing's famous test.

It's about a thousand lines of hand crafted PostScript code. I've taken a gray-scale ASCII-Art version of a B&W photo of Turing and injected the text of an actual test conversation into it, and added the title text etc. The stamp's "value" is 25μ, where I'm imagining that's shorthand for 25μgAu (25 micrograms of Gold).

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Uploaded on November 20, 2006