• This dial is moving while sewing decorative stitches. It is fun to watch.
  • eeeep. I would decorate everything! - courtney_janelle
  • I think the shapes are cute, it has a vintage feeling too, almost all of them. :)

Pfaff stitch wheel

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The stitch wheel for my oldest machine (Pfaff 332). This wheel is double sided with stitches on both sides. You slide around the center to choose your stitch and then you set the machine's dials to mirror these numbers.

No changing of cams because it is built in. I think Pfaff's of this era is the first ones to have built in decorative stitches.

One thing you do not see often on other machines with decorative stitches is that you can control the pattern frequency indepently from stitch length. It is a neat thing which I like! Dial E is controlling the frequency.

But to be honest, I rarely use the decorative stitches... I have installed ruffler attachment on this machine so this machine is the machine I do the ruffling and pleating on, without having to install and remove the whole thing.
But I also use this machine when I want to do some heavy duty sewing without having to worry about breaking anything. It is also good on the other end of the spectrum as it is so extremely non fussy about materials, needles and threads.

These machines were sold as industrial machines in Latin America so it may be saying something. :)

332, which I have, is the free arm version with internal motor, so it is more "home" version compared to 230 which had to be put into a cabinet or a box and it has external motor. 230 can be converted to a treadle too.

But I prefer 332 because of its free arm and internal motor. I feel nervous when there's visible belt running. :) And it is so much easier to change bobbins on 332 than 230 because you have to do it in "blind" or lift and tilt the whole machine forward. (the whole bottom is exposed)

I love both my 2 pfaff machines! ♥ I do rave more often about the old 332, but I also love my main machine (Pfaff Hobbymatic 919 from end of 80's) very much. I can't live without it because I am used to its shape and it is better for my back to use. (on table height..) I get sore in back when using 332 in long sewing passes, as said because of the table height.

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  1. Millie&Jill 64 months ago | reply

    That's really cool! And those decorative stitches look a little more practical than the ones my machine can do.

  2. schnitzle 64 months ago | reply

    Yeah wow what cool shapes! My machine can't do anything like that!

  3. jtxl 30 months ago | reply

    what is the longest stitch length on the 332?

  4. Helena / Funny Bunny 30 months ago | reply

    Oh I don't have the machine up right now, it packed in a box. So I can't help you on that one.. I am sorry.

  5. delenagibson 13 months ago | reply

    I have the same machine but my Dial-a-stitch wheel is gone. Is there anyway you could make me a copy, even had written would be helpful. delenagibson@hotmail.com

  6. delenagibson 13 months ago | reply

    I have the same machine, but my Dial-A-stitch wheel is gone, is there any way you could make me a copy, even hand written would be helpful. delenagibson@hotmail.com

  7. Helena / Funny Bunny 13 months ago | reply

    Join the Old Pfaff Pforum at yahoo groups, as a member there's copy of it in there.:)

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