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    A big hint on what our newest fstoppers video will be about.

    1. dmvdberg [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      looks like a HUGE depth of field.
      Almost tilt shit like.....

    2. Fstoppers 59 months ago | reply

      Ha, nice guess...that's simple PS at the bottom.

      Any other takers?

    3. dmvdberg [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      I've seen the video this time :)
      Awesome behind the scenes at Peter Hurley!

      judging by the eyes you've adapted his light design or shot this at his studio?

    4. orbityellow 59 months ago | reply

      Noise + Shallow DOF + wacky catchlights...

      It looks like a trigrip upside down with a reflector below it to complete the catch light. I'd almost guess you're shooting upside down portraits but the hair looks normal and doesn't really explain the high noise levels.

      I'm stumped...

    5. Patrick Hall Photography 59 months ago | reply

      What is a trigrip?

      Nekolinoge, yes it is very much a peter hurley lighting style. Lee and I have been playing around with this lighting for a while now and only recently figured out it's the same thing Peter has been doing.

      For lighting it is this:
      2 strip boxes on left and right of camera
      1 strip box below camera
      1 Softbox above camera
      1 gridded hair light my head

      the idea is we made a 'box' of light around the camera to sort of emulate a soft window light. The top part of the box is usually a softbox, gridded hard light, a beauty dish, or even a 4th strip box.

      In this case we used a softbox to make it in between soft light and hard light. What this does is allows you to have just the slightest amount of shadows below the nose and yet have the other 3 lights filling in very evenly. The hair light of course separates the subject background (something peter hurley doesn't need because his background is pure white). They are different but very similar. These are also not Kino Flos or HMIs, they are dynalites.

      Hope that helps, I can't give away everything or else you might figure out why this photoshoot is so interesting. I really think it might wind up with more views than any other video we've released so far....even Las Vegas!

    6. maxdream / munkhdelger 57 months ago | reply

      Great portrait

      You guys are very creative and inspirational photographers!

    7. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Image magnifique, bien composée. Chapeau.

    8. awerllow 48 months ago | reply

      Late comment... Thanks for sharing the setup, Patrick. How long are those strip boxes? I'm building a setup using the Paul C Buff foldable strip boxes on both sides but they seem to be too short. Oh yah... funny how you posed the way Peter Hurley described a typical head shot looks like. LOL! Great setup nonetheless!

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