Final image. Self portrait shot in my driveway on a 05 Yamaha R1 Raven.


Strobist Info: Main is on a boom to camera rights and above the bike (ab800 with a 64" PLM). Fill is a Sunpak 120j to camera left about 10' in the air, shot into a umbrella about two stops under. Back light is a Sunpak 120j with a small octabox, salted to taste:) All triggered by PW's. View lighting sketch here www.flickr.com/photos/frozenforeverphotography/4026537208....


For more information on the photoshop portion check out my blog www.frozenforeverphotography@blogspot.com. Also check out my web page www.frozenforever.com


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Taken on October 16, 2009