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    [[[ If you are interested in this project being on Kickstarter, send me a Flickr Message (FlickrMail)! It will help me to gauge interest :) ]]]

    This is my new buddy, which I designed and built from scratch. I haven't decided on a name yet.

    After a couple of weeks and two packs of film, I can report that it is freakin' fantastic to use, but most because it's so ridiculous. It also garners a lot of attention; I've heard passersby murmur "is that a camera???" The viewfinder is easily usable in most conditions (I had some trouble in the darkness of a restaurant), but the folding hood is kind of a joke (hope to improve on that in a future iteration). Parallax has proven to be a minor problem at close focus (~2ft or so) but is very easy to correct. It's an experience to use, I'll say that.

    Pentax K5, CV 58/1.4

    1. adbieber 18 months ago | reply

      Go for it man. It looks very cool. I get the feeling from the caption of this photo that you are really having fun with your new camera. That is sooo GREAT !

    2. Richi Newman 18 months ago | reply

      This is a really cool camera, a real achievement. I love it.

    3. rogvon 18 months ago | reply

      Oh wow! I am envious. I love it that the lens is able to cover the entire 3x4 frame! Kudos!

    4. ol-juanster 17 months ago | reply

      I'd buy the plans, go for it!

    5. Dr. RawheaD 17 months ago | reply

      Yeah, definitely do it; I'd buy it. But only if I can pick & choose which lens to use (obviously with a similar construction). I have a pair of Schneider 100/2.8s that I'd been thinking about using for something exactly like this :-D

    6. Kevin Kadooka 17 months ago | reply

      Saw your comment on Vimeo too :)

      Well, the design works best with lenses with a flange-film distance of about 100-110mm. You could use lenses longer than that, but close focus would be limited. I think.

      Are both lenses in shutters? It would be most convenient if one was in a shutter, and the other not, but there are workarounds either way. There is actually quite a bit of flexibility as far as space for lenses.

      Measure the flange-film distance (or it might be in literature somewhere...) and shoot me a message!

    7. Dr. RawheaD 17 months ago | reply

      Funny you should say; yes, one is in shutter, the other a barrel (with a beautiful 20 blade aperture, which, won't be of much use as a viewing lens :D)

      It's a Schneider so optical data is easy to find:


      Flange is ~9.5cm. Fits a Copal #1 shutter. It's a biggie, though, the front element is almost the size of the Copal #1 :D

      I know this lens will cover 3x4 pack film, but it'd be great if there was a way to attach a 2x3 roll film back, to. The way things are looking these days, i wouldn't be surprised if Fuji discontinued their 3x4 film soon :(

    8. Kevin Kadooka 17 months ago | reply

      Fantastic! The 105mm D/DS Mamiyas also have a FL of about 96mm. So provided that my second prototype works with the D/DS lenses, your Xenotars should work, on paper at least.

      The only thing I'm worried a little about the huge rear element! I would have to do some checking to make sure it wouldn't hit the mirror near infinity focus. The area for the lenses and shutter would have to be enlarged to fit the Copal #1. Those have a HUGE diameter - 73mm as compared to about 56mm for the tiny Seiko shutters I'm using. It might be a squeeze but I could see it working. Since the lenses are substantially heavier, the strap points would be moved forward to conserve neutral balance.

      Is there a flange on the barrel lens? Is it at the same position as the lens in the shutter? If it is, we're golden. I have made a 2x3 roll back before adapter (for my field camera), it would be very simple to adapt that design. I would have to do more testing to get the right flange distance, though. I foolishly sold my 6x9 Horseman back a few months ago. . . so I need to find one before I can begin working on one :(

    9. Dr. RawheaD 17 months ago | reply

      Very good points; The protrusion behind the flange for the barrel lens is 20.8mm or so. It's actually a bit longer than the one in shutter, as that one is around 18mm, about 3mm difference. I guess I'd have to find a way to shim it 3mm or so, which I can totally do on my end :-)

      If you could utilize a graflex style roll film back, I have a spare 6x7 back that I could donate towards the project. Where you located at?

    10. Kevin Kadooka 17 months ago | reply

      That difference could easily be fixed with a 3mm wood shim, which could be sanded down to the appropriate thickness. What is the diameter of the rear element? I can quickly check if it'll hit the mirror using CAD.

      I am located in Portland, OR but will be at home in Hawaii for the holidays. Shoot me a message and we can talk about specifics!

    11. Dr. RawheaD 17 months ago | reply

      Hey, so you're homies with Cory Lum, eh? :)
      Enjoy the weather!

      The rear element diameter is ~48.1 mm. I'm getting very excited :D

    12. Kevin Kadooka 17 months ago | reply

      Good news and bad news!
      Good news: The lens will probably fit without hitting the mirror at infinity focus. . . but only BARELY. Chances are good that it'll be scraping right up against it.

      Bad news: The rear element is so huge, it might block the path of light from the mirror to the ground glass.

      Really not too sure what to make of it at this point.

    13. Dr. RawheaD 17 months ago | reply

      Hmmm... well, I'll purchase the kit anyway I reckon. Physically speaking, though, if it is going to clear the mirror, then any kind of blockage *should* be minimal, no? Also, that is a problem we're going to have on the Infinity end. Something tells me that I will *rarely* shoot this @ infinity :D

      If things look fishy, I wouldn't even mind a simple stopper that will disallow me from focusing to anywhere beyond a certain point (say, 50ft). If I want to get stuff beyond that in focus, I can always stop down.

      Anyhoo, as long as it's (1) physically possible to throw my two Xenotars in there, and (2) work fine shooting portrait distances, I am more than happy to jump on the bandwagon ;)

    14. IgorVidela 16 months ago | reply

      Love this camera..

    15. Eirik0304 16 months ago | reply

      I do hope you end up putting a kit out.

      Personally I would be looking to put a Polaroid 600SE adapter on it. Would enable mounting not only CB-100/101/102/103 backs, but also roll film backs. Might defeat the purpose a bit, but I have done this on a Pathfinder 110A, and it works well. The one big gripe is of course the Pathfinders have dismal viewfinders, nothing like what can be had with a good waist level finder.

    16. jfa1985 15 months ago | reply

      I have a question, what happens to the lens' flash sync? I don't see a PC socket on the prototypes.

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