LATTICE \ WORK - April 2012, Boulder CO
Crissy & Morgan Liu-Packard presented LATTICE WORK at Communikey Festival 2012: MicroTopias in Boulder, Colorado, from April 25-29, 2012.
Location: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

LATTICE WORK is an ongoing project which combines elements of simplicity, community, and scale, to give people the hands-on experience of creating a large crystalline structure from nothing more than recycled 8 1/2x11 printer paper and scotch tape. LATTICE WORK engages people of all ages and abilities in a communal and creative effort. LATTICE WORK participants gather in a comfortable, conversational space to construct the fundamental building blocks. They roll and tape the paper into tubes; the magic begins when six tubes are joined at the ends to form a tetrahedral pyramid. As the work progresses, each pyramid finds its place in the growing crystal structure, which expands quickly into a large geometric array whose size is limited only by the space in which it is built. LATTICE WORK is an homage in equal parts to Buckminster Fuller and to the early American quilting bee; to rigorous mathematical thought and to the convivial pleasure of craft.
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