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LATTICE \ WORK is an project by Crissy & Morgan Liu-Packard, which combines elements of simplicity, community, and scale, to give people the hands-on experience of creating a large crystalline structure from nothing more than recycled 8 1/2x11 printer paper and scotch tape.

LATTICE \ WORK engages people of all ages and abilities in a communal and creative effort.

LATTICE \ WORK participants gather in a comfortable, conversational space to construct the fundamental building blocks. They roll and tape the paper into tubes; the magic begins when six tubes are joined at the ends to form a tetrahedral pyramid. As the work progresses, each pyramid finds its place in the growing crystal structure, which expands quickly into a large geometric array whose size is limited only by the space in which it is built.

LATTICE \ WORK is an homage in equal parts to Buckminster Fuller and to the early American quilting bee; to rigorous mathematical thought and to the convivial pleasure of craft.