castle of Thomas Gottschalk, talkmaster

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Thomas Gottschalk, he became a talkmaster for several German TV channels, became famous - and rich. Then he bought this castle "Marienfels" near Bonn / Remagen, looking down to the river Rhine like a Baroque king - more about Gottschalk, who also owns a villa in the neighborhood of Barbra Streisand in the USA:

  1. koed3 34 months ago | reply

    Great looking castle which can protect from enemy easily.

  2. sheesen 34 months ago | reply

    Very imaginative shot, well done.

    beautiful light and shadow with nice composition.
    wish you have a nice day friend of mine.
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  3. Miguelángel 34 months ago | reply

    Splendid shot, the image is very beautiful

  4. zhu--nie 34 months ago | reply

    great!!!!very nice!

  5. Akbar Sim 34 months ago | reply

    Lots of guest rooms I suppose..:-)

  6. Frizztext 34 months ago | reply

    yes Akbar, but I fear, he will not invite us; on the other hand, his famous friend Gunter Sachs recently made suicide. Maybe he searches for some substitute?

  7. kjatexas 34 months ago | reply

    Hey, how come you're taking pictures of my house ? :-)

  8. Frizztext 34 months ago | reply

    hey Mr. bodyguard, you've been on the roof top there again with your rifle?

  9. onkel_wart (thomas lieser) 34 months ago | reply

    ich denke mal, daß sie außen denkmalgeschützt ist -- innen wird es sicherlich grauslich neureich geschmacklos sein. so wie er nun mal ist...

  10. DrgnMastr 34 months ago | reply

    Beautifully composed and quite the amazing scene, too. Well done.

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  11. B℮n 34 months ago | reply

    A lovely castle Dietmar!


  12. dietmut 34 months ago | reply

    Ein schönes Unterkommen, aber ja er kann sich das leisten. Ich gönne es ihm

  13. Pajarillo57 34 months ago | reply

    What a strange this world is....
    Talkmaster lives like a real king...

  14. maistora 34 months ago | reply

    Money doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with good taste. This isn't a historic building, but a later project in which all 'defence' elements (like the big round tower) were added purely as decoration - and are, imho, kitsch.

    Location and living space may be great, but outside appearance doesn't speak highly of the owners' cultural values.

    Great photography, nonetheless! :)

  15. Frizztext 34 months ago | reply

    hi maistora,
    the talkmaster's continuous attitude is to please every idiot. He smiles, is a happy-maniac, hates critical comments, makes advertising for sweets too. Once Marcel Reich-Ranicki, nearly a philosopher, at least very furious - he attacked German television with his king Thomas Gottschalk as stupid overall. Great riot followed ...
    more at

  16. artLesley* 34 months ago | reply


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