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LOVE words' translations (24 Languages)

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HOW TO LOOSE YOUR HEAD IN DREAMS / artful stairway painting in Wuppertal, Germany

"Holsteiner Treppe" (Gathe) / artist: Professor Horst Gläsker - geotagged

the (German) words on the stairs are describing the relationship between human beings: terror + love, prosecution + trust, despair + hope, revenge + kiss -- and so on...


frizztext: a stairway is a metaphor, a rainbow a symbol, LOVE one of the most important experiences of an human being; the artist horst glaesker www.horst-glaesker.de combines in a creative concept these 3 dimensions: architecture, colors, words... - a project, which could be realized in many other countries;



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Taken on August 20, 2008