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French culture - a perpetuum mobile?

Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1592, he didn't believe in the possibility of a PERPETUUM MOBILE, and he scoffed at the infantile believers of a not dying dynamic; the TIME magazin put on the cover (Dec3, 2007) THE END OF THE FRENCH CULTURE; I believe deeply, if there is any perpetuum mobile, then the French Culture; I do not talk about baguette or chanel, concorde or de gaulle; for sure, proust or sartre, marcel marceau or jacques cousteau are dead now; but still there are wonderful photographers: yann arthus-bertrand for example or should we mention some French FLICKR-members? I am waiting for your statement...


EXPERIMENT: please help to stop another "perpetuum mobile": change the rule and do not post in this thread any awards or group-invitations - but I would be very pleased, if you would feel encouraged enough to post an individual statement of the discussion-topic: FRENCH photography...

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Taken on December 28, 2007