• Recycling in India is done in public rather than in warehouses, as you might find in my hometown of San Francisco. Same results, but Calcutta doesn't have to worry about a city payroll or finding somebody to actually do the work.

india calcutta scavengers

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Scavengers go through the garbage in the early morning hours in Calcutta, with British-era building in the background

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  1. the_nannish_one ages ago | reply

    This is why I have never thought to include India in any travel plans. The population density and the overwhelmin poverty must be difficult to see!

  2. Robin Thom ages ago | reply

    A picture just can't tell the story...
    but yours come as close as I've seen!

    Double favorite on this one.

    Great set of shots.

  3. tony47dav ages ago | reply

    There is great poverty in India - but there is also great beauty! The people are friendly and my wife said she felt safer on the streets of Kolkata than she does in many places in the UK!
    OK! I'm biased! I spent some of my formative years in India and have been fortunate enough to go back on a couple of occasions in the past 5 years, and if the opportunity arose - I'd go back tomorrow!!

  4. Hexe75 119 months ago | reply

    Interesting what thelamshade2000 says about Kolkata - in fact what his wife said. Because that's exactly how I felt in Kolkata, too. Very safe, happy, incredibly thankful for everything I've seen there. I hope to come back one day. Thanks for wonderful pictures, FriskoDude!

  5. catherine muollo 99 months ago | reply

    Your photos are amazing and beautiful. They look like paintings. What camera do you use? Is this film?

  6. AndLoseTheNameOfAction 65 months ago | reply

    Hello there!

    Maybe you are interested in submitting some of your Indian pictures to www.1000for1.com.
    It's a fair photography competition run by photographers that respect the Artists' Bill of Rights and the prizes are quite outstanding! The contest closes on the 29th of November.
    Check it out and spread the word :-)

    Happy shooting!

  7. CCH_1974 61 months ago | reply

    This is a fabulous photograph -- a dynamic sense of action, beautiful tones... really impressed!

  8. his restless eyes 54 months ago | reply

    nan India is not lik that what you think. It is one of the most beautiful place of the Earth. You cannot see such a geographical as well cultural diverse country anywhere in the world. You must come and see its beauty and then comment.

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