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The downside of being a Chihuahua in winter!

Taco is so funny, he runs around outside with the big dogs - where they jump over mud and puddles, little Taco ploughs right through them! He just loves to run and doesn't care about the weather. Below is the rest of the sequence - before and after bath!


I'm leaving for Victoria in Australia tonight - spur of the moment trip with a friend - maybe I should keep a look out for Snow White ;-). Hoping to have internet at some point....


Before I go, since so many of you enjoyed the pukeko tv ads, here is another tv ad made here for the Australian beer company Tooheys - the same animal trainer did this one. The vet my daughter works for is always the vet called in to supervise the animals for this trainer. This actually did happen as you see it in the ad, the deer were all taken in to the central Auckland city and run up the main street of the CBD! They also travelled by bus (see the vet sitting at the rear of the bus - nice looking young man!), and were in a central city apartment. The night club scene was filmed at the home of the man who bred the deer. The hardest scene to capture was the one where the stag kisses the doe in the window goodbye in the morning. This ad has not been seen on NZ tv despite being made here, it was for the Australian market and is still shown there. Each time I watch it I get more of the story, it's very clever!. Then one day earlier in the year I was at my hairdressers and the man seated next to me turned out to be the owner/breeder of the deer in the ad - he regaled us with some funny stories about the filming of the nightclub scenes! The ad is called The Great Migration -

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Taken on June 25, 2012