Introducing the Ordinariate Use
On Thursday 10 October, a new text for the Mass, which integrates centuries old Anglican prayers into the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, was officially introduced at Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory's Church, London.

The historic new liturgy, known as the Ordinariate Use, has been especially prepared for the personal ordinariates for former Anglicans. It introduces the best of the Anglican patrimony into the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church -- including some of the most beautiful and hallowed texts of the Book of Common Prayer (1662).

The Mass was celebrated by the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, Mgr Keith Newton. It was offered in honour of the patron of the Ordinariate, Blessed John Henry Newman, whose feast is kept on 9 October.

The preacher was Mgr Andrew Burnham, Assistant to the Ordinary. In his sermon, Mgr Burnham said of the new Use: "...Have we, in the Ordinariate, dreamed up our very own ‘hermeneutic of rupture’? Certainly, we have broken away from the Church of England, in which most of us had spent most of our lives. We have broken away too from the trajectory of modern Anglican liturgical revision... But ... we have most truly discovered in place of rupture ‘a hermeneutic of continuity’, that is we have found a way of joining together Cranmer’s linguistic brilliance, and feel for translation, with the ancient Canon of the Mass, prayed everywhere in England from the time of St Augustine until the Reformation, that is, a thousand years. And that Canon continues to be prayed throughout the Universal Church. There’s continuity for you."

The music at the Mass was drawn entirely from the English tradition, and included Howells’ "Collegium Regale" as well as hymns by Blessed John Henry Newman.
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