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    A definition, friends, of stress:
    Your own reaction to a mess
    Stresses may be large or small
    Sometimes they're not perceived at all
    Examples: Say a lack of cash;
    A just-avoided freeway crash;
    An allergen that's in the air;
    The barber says you're losing hair;
    Fifty on a spavined horse;
    Attorney's letter re divorce;
    Wetness, dryness, heat or cold;
    Callow youth or getting old
    Stress from pains to pleasures range
    The common element is change
    Adapt or die, and that's a fact
    And so our bodies must react:
    The heart speeds up, the gut slows down
    Facial muscles snarl or frown
    Bronchial tubes expand and then
    The blood absorbs more oxygen
    Widened pupils search the void
    Adrenal glands secrete steroid
    Serum glucose starts to climb
    More insulin works overtime
    Stressed physically or mentally
    Muscles tense to fight or flee
    The midbrain boils with rage and fear
    While cortex plans to save your rear
    The point is, stress is not unique
    It doesn't mean you're dumb or weak
    A part of mankind's constitution
    Bequeathed to us by evolution
    Common both to man and beast
    It proves you're still alive, at least.

    By William Goldsmith, MD

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    1. Lynn Morag ages ago | reply

      Brill! Great poem teamed with such a fun and perfect image!

    2. peggy. ages ago | reply

      :) I agree with Lynn. We can all relate to this sometime (or too often?) and the look on this character's face is exactly how I feel when stressed. Big smiles!

    3. coalvillestation [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Here is a remedy to De-stress: why not to join the Henhouse group!:

    4. c_ambler ages ago | reply

      I hope you don't mind if I use this on my blog:

      if you have any opposition, please send me a message and I will take it off as soon as possible!

    5. michaelwinter94 ages ago | reply

      Nice picture, good poem.

    6. toby.crowley 110 months ago | reply

      I used this photo for a blog post on describing personality in English. ( I love how much personality this photo has! Thanks for making it available!

    7. vu.erik 108 months ago | reply

      Nice picture I used this picture for my school project about...stress.
      thank you!

    8. lucymac 103 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this photo. I've used it, with credit and a link, to illustrate a positive quote at Positive Attitude Quotes.

    9. dckirba 101 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing. I am hoping to use this on my blog (slightly modified) in an article about stress. I am adding a credit on the image. Would you like it to link back to your profile on flickr?

    10. jen palais [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      what to say...perfect.

    11. Larchleaf 76 months ago | reply

      Great pic Dave! I've borrowed it for my blog post on the Stress Test from the BBC - please let me know if you are unhappy in any way:


    12. CrossCap 70 months ago | reply

      Awesome picture, thanks for sharing it. I used it for a series of blog posts ( on planning for marketers, and credited you with a link back to your profile.

    13. Lauralcb 68 months ago | reply

      Love it! I used this picture on SpanglishBeaty!! Hope you don't mind! Gave you credit!

    14. barbaraamsel 50 months ago | reply

      I really love your write-ups guys continue the good work.

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