01.31.2009 FTPS Shinnihonbashi Group Photo

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Official Group Photo for the 1st FTPS photo meet for 2009.

Suitengu Shrine, Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan

Note: If you could put a note letting ev'one know who you are, it'd be helpful as it makes it easier to keep track of who's who. With all the real names, faces and super-secret internet identities getting mixed up, it's easy to forget who's who :)
I'll do what I can to tag ev'one, but LMK if I've made a mistake or if you want your title changed to something else.

Please add a tag with your Flickr name, too, if you don't mind.

Oh, and thanks for the added flash assist guys (even if the R one didn't fire). Appreciate the help and tips for settings, too. Definitely need to brush up on my CLS work.


Made Explore for 01 Feb. 2009 (日).

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  1. xinapray 75 months ago | reply

    Interesting. The C's usually outnumber the N's. Not so with this group.

  2. fleshmeatdoll 75 months ago | reply

    i wonder whether two o's is a record so far...

  3. Fried Toast 75 months ago | reply

    Lot o' N this weekend, but there was definitely no shortage of C, either (some that showed up @ the After Hours part and didn't make it into this shot).

    Not sure about two O's... good question! Don't recall seeing any P this time around. I seem to recall a P or two popping along in previous meets. Don't think I saw a single S (other than perhaps a P&S).

    Think we had a few more films this time around than what I remember from last year.

  4. Fried Toast 75 months ago | reply

    Now y'all did it. Yer famous.

    Went and kicked into Explore. Here's our 15min. o' fame, peeps.

  5. a_hEwLeEy ( 李 晶 晶 ) 74 months ago | reply

    hey wow! this is a really cool and awesome capture..!! (n_n)

  6. chase25 73 months ago | reply

    this looks really kool, i need friends anyone interested

  7. fsmphoto 68 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Group photography, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  8. Daniel Y. Go 66 months ago | reply

    John, cool shot :)

  9. Fried Toast 66 months ago | reply

    If a John ever shows up around here, I'll tell him you said so :)

  10. fleshmeatdoll 66 months ago | reply

    how come i am added to the photo but no frame appears with my avatar??

  11. Fried Toast 66 months ago | reply

    The name-adding is a two-part process. First is adding the name. That's about as far as I've gotten. 2nd is adding the extra frame. I did Frankky's, but haven't gotten around to anyone else's yet. Did it during break @ work (and I'm on another break right now). Will try to get ev'one squared away later when I have time :)

    No fear, you'll get your frame! :D
    (BTW- go fix your camera! That's heresy to not have a backup!!)

    Edit: Ok, I was going to do yours just now and of EVERYONE on the list, yours is the only name that doesn't have a little + sign to the right giving me the option of adding a boundary. あれ??

  12. Fried Toast 66 months ago | reply

    Tom, figured out your problem! Your name is so long, the button for adding the face frame was knocked down to the next line. Took a 12-hr shift @ work to make me think o' lookin' there ;)

  13. fleshmeatdoll 66 months ago | reply

    hehe, hope to be able to shorten my name back to normal soon...

  14. Frankky 66 months ago | reply

    Cool new feature, huh

  15. ⓋⒾⓅ №❶ 66 months ago | reply


    comment me

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