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Sunset at Sunrise | by Fresnatic
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Sunset at Sunrise


Okay, I really hope nobody is getting tired of Mount Rainier and Wildflower shots. I have made two runs up to the park in just the past week and four times in the past month! I met up with several Flickr friends for a 4:00am hike for sunrise on Sunday. I met up with Dene, Darren and Scott, who is not yet on Flickr. While out on Mazama Ridge, we also ran into another one of our Flickr friends visiting from Portland, Tom We were all hoping for some great conditions for sunrise. We were not too disappointed as a great Lenticular cloud formed over the summit of the mountain. Oh, sorry I am describing the morning and I have posted a evening shot!


I asked if anyone wanted to join me over at the Sunrise area on the east side of Mount Rainier for sunset, but everyone was fairly tired. I have had this shot in mind for over three months and tried this back on Wednesday when I last made an impromptu visit to our beautiful backyard! I scoured the Silver Forest trail for two hours looking for the right composition. I was extremely tired by this point as I had not had any sleep since I woke up Saturday morning to go to work! I wound up with this one early on and was not sure about shooting into the sun because of the flare. Of course today, I learned that there is a filter out there that will reduce the flare, a Singh-Ray 2 stop filter...check...put that on the "Must Have List!"


The wind was kicking up dust in the lower valley and I swore I saw wildflowers flying by me as I was taking this shot!!! If you look closely, most of the flowers are somewhat blurred because of the strong winds. I shot at 800 ISO to help shorten the exposures.


This is a combination of 6 exposures to compensate for the extreme range of light (-3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2), merged and tonemapped in Photoshop. No, my camera only brackets three shots, so I manually dialed down the exposure to get the -3 exposure. I then moved into Photoshop where the "Content Aware and Clone Stamp" tools were helpful, and tedious to remove some of the color flares cause by shooting into the sun. I then ran through Topaz Adjust to get back some detail, and ran through Topaz DeNoise to tackle the noise created by using the higher ISO and HDR merge. I then adjusted the luminance level for the yellow and pulled back the saturation of the greens. A little sharpening to crisp up the image as much as I could, due to the wind.


Thank you for your views, comment and faves. I appreciate your support as you go on this journey with me as I try and grow as a photographer and as I constantly evolve in my HDR processing. I have not had too much time with work, my "Spur of the moment trips to Mount Rainier," and creating inventory to sell, to spend much time perusing the photo streams of all my great contacts. For that I am sorry, which is why I really appreciate your support even more!


Please do not use my images on blogs ore websites without my permission. All work on this site is mine and owned by me. All images are available for license and sale. Thank you.


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Taken on August 26, 2012