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Summer Flow at Snoqualmie Falls



Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer weather where they live, and or Winter weather in the Southern Hemisphere! As I said a few days ago, Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I normally do not take too many photos when the light is this bright, especially of waterfalls, but felt I needed to run to Snoqualmie Falls to give it a try.


I am also needing to get more falls of the Snoqualmie, Issaquah area to sell at my friends gallery, Quirkz of Art, located in Fall City. Looks like I might have some prints available at their booth for the Snoqualmie Depot Days later in August. Some local fare should stimulate some sales! With the warm weather for the past few days, the snow melt is really taking off. In about a month, the flow over the falls will probably be a trickle! With the snow melt, that means wildflower season is just around the corner on Mt Rainier!


This is a combination of three exposures (-3, -1, +1) merged and tonemapped in Photomatix. With the light as bright, I wanted to get more detail without blowing out the highlights, so I went to the -3 exposure. I also used an ND8 filter as well as my polarizer to remove some of the haze in the sky. I "Dodged and Burned" areas of the image and ran through Topaz Adjust to regain details. I also extensively removed the construction zone from the far side of the river. I did however leave some of the construction workers (see note above) on the makeshift dam that was created to divert the water from their construction wall (which I eliminated!). I then toned down the saturation a bit in Lightroom as well as applied some noise removal, sharpening and a slight vignette.


Thank you for your views, comments and faves. I appreciate your time and support. Have a great week ahead!


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Taken on July 9, 2012