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Nak-Muay #2

Nak-Muay at Flat Sri camp during a training session.

To Strobists: just one soft-box on the top right of the model’ head.

« Flat Sri Klong Toey » is one of the most interesting camps I have visited in Thailand. The Nak-Muay who train there all live in the camp. They are aged 14 to 16 and practice 5 to 6 hours a day, early in the morning and at the end of the afternoon, attending school in between.

Most camps in BKK are located in peaceful areas surrounded by grass and shady trees whereas Flat Sri is right in the middle of a crowded street, under a multi-level roadway which is used as a roof for the ring (!). A city within the city, Klong Toey is BKK largest slum ; its inhabitants suffer from many diseases : drug traffic, prostitution and one of the highest HIV positive / AIDS rates in town. And yet, whenever I visited Klong-Toey I would be greeted with such a genuine warmth by the people living there.


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Taken on September 1, 2009