Opening of 'In-Eyes' by Juliette Binoche
“In-Eyes,” is an exhibition of portraits and poetry by Juliette Binoche at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Including 58 ink washes on paper, In-Eyes is her first-ever art show on American soil and offers a unique opportunity to discover a new facet of this multi-talented French artist. It opened on September 9th, 2009 at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York.

Ever since receiving a commission from the Cahiers du Cinéma for a series of portraits in July 2007, Ms. Binoche has not stopped painting during her movie shoots. But she has been painting for far longer, and first showed her work publicly in the 1990s (in 1991 her art work was featured in the movie The Lovers on the Bridge, in which she starred as a painter, and in 1993 she exhibited a series of work done in collaboration with French designer/artist Christian Fenouillat). Favoring portraits, Ms. Binoche has not only depicted many of the famous directors with whom she has worked but also characters she has played, in what is a rather unique spin on the self-portrait tradition. “In-Eyes” feature 29 “triptychs,” each associating one of these character self-portraits, a portrait of the movie’s director, and a poem addressed to him or her. These works offer a personal view, full of emotion, of the key encounters that have influenced her movie career.

“In-Eyes” is on display from Thursday September 10 to Friday October 9 (weekdays from 1pm - 6pm. closed weekends) at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy at 972 5th avenue in New York. Admission is free.

In September 2009, the various talents of Juliette Binoche converge in New York City and Brooklyn in “In-I & Jubilations,” a month-long series of artistic events that include dance performances (Akram Khan’s “In-I” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music), a new film release (Paris by Cédric Klapisch), a film retrospective (BAM), and book signings (Portraits In-Eyes).

Photo Credits: François Leloup-Collet
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