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The global powers and Wall Street would love to see the Occupy Wall Street movement smashed. And they are surly stepping up the game. The OWS protesters have been beaten, peppered Sprayed, caroled harassed, arrested, and ridiculed by banks stooges in the corporate media. What is quite clear to me and many others is that the OWS movement is growing and getting stronger. Wall Street and their poppet media, CNN, FOX news and others just do not get it.


OWS is not going away for this simple reason, the damage the big bankers have done to the lives of ordinary Americans and millions of people around the world is so destructive that more and more will join the movement, because they realize that the politicians are buried deep in the pockets of the crooks. Just look at what is taking place in countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Right here in the U.S. the politicians just handed over trillions in bailout money to the Banksters.


The 99% have come to realize that protest is the only way forward out of the maddening mess the greedy banksters have dragged us into to. They Wall Street have no good solution for us; their solution is to bury the world in debt. We cannot allow the fox to manage the chickens. The bankers cannot solve the national or international financial crisis because it is based on fraud and deception. The major Wall Street firms are involved in an elaborate monstrous Ponzi scheme. Anyone who cannot see what is happening is living in a dark bubble or wearing permanent blindfolds.


-- Frestylee


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Taken on November 17, 2011