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The disaster continues

Even in this time of personal economic hardship, many good people and organizations from around the world continue to give to the Haiti earthquake relief effort. It is important not to forget this tragedy as the media spot light diminishes. The destruction of Haiti's infrastructure and the immense human suffering cause by the 7.0-magnitude quake continue to takes a heavy toll on the Haitian people. Haiti will continue to need outside assistance for some time to come. Please continue to help those organizations on the ground and to those that give most to the effort.


The following video clips was taken from a brief trip to Haiti of an organization called Corporate Aviation Responding in Emergencies (C.A.R.E.) which is a group of volunteers from the business aviation community that coordinates flights for critical transport during disasters. C.A.R.E. Operation Haiti has included over 500 flights with 2400 passengers and 700,000 lbs of critical supplies. Their passengers have included medical personnel, relief workers, newly adopted children, injured patients and missionaries. Over 85 aircraft have been activated for the program, flying more than $4,000,000 worth of flight hours.


Stacy Bourne in Haiti


Photographer Robert Caplin ran into a really cool photographer, Stacy Bourne, at the Port au Prince airport while he was helping on a relief mission. She mentioned she's starting a photography program for Haitian children and they're loving it! Problem is, the only gear they have to use is her personal two cameras.


Robert Caplin is teaming up with her and is going to try to round up some gear to bring to her via donations. If you have any gear that's collecting dust and would like to donate them to a good cause, please contact or Stacy Bourne and they will be sure to get the gear to the children ASAP!


The goal is to give the children something constructive to do while Port au Prince rebuilds. Beyond that, they are hoping to also sell and display the images the children take in a gallery in order to raise some funds for the Haitians.




Wyclef Jean ft. Mavado - Hold On (Video)


NEW SINGLE ON ITUNES - Hold On feat Mavado - 4 the people of Haiti all proceeds go to Earthquake Relief


“‘Hold On’ is a song of hope for the generation,” said Jean


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Taken on February 18, 2010