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Katrina rainband | by freestone
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Katrina rainband

[written in about august 28th of 2005. i took this photo of an outer rainband of hurricane Katrina, from the parking lot just outside of the apartment house where I live, in tallahassee, florida.

I have looked at this photo, almost a year later, only now have I seen what was in this photo: as if there were a lady sitting on an invisible bench, her back to me, with one arm raised upright, as if she were giving a Blessing of some sort. Katrina, the eye of the storm, was about 300 miles away and away from *exactly* her back!

That is.....she is looking diectly away from the eye.






the photo was taken just around the time of my other face photo, about 20 minutes from it..

august 28 of 2005.


so what is this "face" in this second photo?!

It is not a face and this one really hit me, as i did not see it when I had added the photos to the flickr.


What I see is a clothes-less little girl-figure, with her back to me, looking to the Northeast, looking to the slightly left.

One left arm is raised upright. her knees are bent as if she is kneeling.


I see it now: she is sitting in a chair, a chair that is invisible to you, the looker. She is sitting in this chair giving a Benediction to one and to all.


Her hair stands out, could even be somewhat "afro" in texture, or at least curly.


As of this moment, people, I have no idea as to what and who she is and why?!

--an Angel, probably.


yes from 500 miles away, here you see a rainband from Katrina!! Tallahassee, florida, usa!


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Taken on September 28, 2005