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This is all art I've collected from the internet or from others, or art I've scanned from books - anything I like and think is worth studying. Mostly portraits, because human faces and bodies in art interest me the most. My favorite phase of history for artistic output (and I think the most talented) ranges from around 1860 to around 1925. Sometimes I'll upload art from before this period or even from contemporary times. After all, it's whatever I like!

I have tried to find the highest resolution and quality for each piece of art in this set. I like to see details, so I prefer images as large as possible. If I upload an image and find a larger resolution later (or if you or someone else finds one for me), I'll replace it. If you have large resolution art that you'd like to send me, please do!

Sadly, in a lot of the image saving I've done in the past, I forgot to rename the files to indicate who the artist is or what year. So some of the art I can't identify right away, and any help would be appreciated.

Any art that was created before 1923 is Public Domain, but even copyrighted art images can be displayed, as long as they are for educational purposes (as per the Fair Use guidelines). Please be responsible.
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