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    1. flyingmonkeyair 47 months ago | reply

      Can you please tag the boats with their names?

    2. moulay. 47 months ago | reply

      we will never let gaza alone

    3. FaNz Jr 47 months ago | reply

      Soon Israel will gone 4ever...
      they are monster...
      human will never kill each other

    4. rickya1 47 months ago | reply

      Is this the mavi marmara??? Please tell us which ship??!!

    5. shahjalal 47 months ago | reply

      Spiting on Israel with all the hates and angers in our hearts........

    6. witness jew; 47 months ago | reply

      Just a warning I overheard someone talking about the carmal produce pickers in jewmalia were pissin and doing number 2 on all the produce they could even using a pin or little tube to get the filth into the stem and also letting the produce lay in the mess as long as they can to make taste good

    7. Txape 47 months ago | reply

      Boycott Israeli products!! If all of us as consumers unite together we may make Israel see how wrong this policy of massive use of force is.

    8. witness jew; 47 months ago | reply

      Mr. Obama
      I have stood with your party in all points...When you let jewmalia kill over 9 peaceful and good people. I will not stand with you. Who voted for you??? Was it the thuds in jewmalia or was it the old rednecks in the somewhat free USA??? jewmalia killed over 200 of our Navy in 1967 and nothing was done. Now that jewmalia has killed 9 or more in INTERNATIONAL WATERS, NOW ARE YOU GOING TO SEND OUR TAX MONEY TO BUY MORE WAR MATERIAL??? We think that amounts to taxing without representation or is representation without taxation or as we call it Wellfare to jewmalia mafia thug state..As long as you support a thug state like that, I have no use for you or your sly slick sick operation. I now know your group likes seeing people of colour killed and then allowing the thugs to have their own white wash just like in the past...It is history, its a fact , we have pictures and video and much more for all to see. Now you will still send 4 billion dollars from our broke treasury when we need the funds for our people who are out of work because of the wall street jews...It looks like the chichens are cruising in and there is a great number ,a multitude on the horizon.. Now to get the political equation correct, here is what to do...You send 4 billion dollars for me to dole out to my chosen people from the havenots up to the politicans if they vote my way and I like them.
      After we have checked the cargo to make sure there is no concrete or bread flower or kids toysor wheel chairs, we will send your part which we are going to increse by 15% Lets see that will be $56,000,000 times 15% now that $8,400,000 more than you were getting from aipac (thugs) much better for our country and the world. Then you slick sick sly political good little boys will not have to bow down to a thug jewmalia goverment..It did make your ass look bad when we were behind you (damm what a endless hole - no brain) Your goody bay will be $64,400,000 richer (that is what you want and need is it not???? After that you could do your job by helping in the USA without hiding and or being a liar Of course you could put your hands behind you and cross your fingers then it wood not be a lie.
      Your 1/2 slave



    9. aln4grlz 47 months ago | reply

      The Israelis will lift the blockade when Hamas stops shooting rockets into Israel and decides to coexist in peace. I am not holding my breath as I don't see it happening. It is too bad that innocent Palestinians suffer and must live in hardship. They had a choice and they chose Hamas....The actions of Israel are most certainly rational. When a neighbor desires your destruction then you will go to all means to deter them. In fact, the restraint of Israel should be recognized. Assad showed no such restraint when dealing with his own people in Hama!....Let's just hope that those navigating the Rachel Corrie aren't as stupidly foolish as her namesake.

    10. Syuhada.Wannabe 47 months ago | reply

      May Allah bless you all. My hearts and dreams with you..
      I am still 17 now, but I now there's something I can do for them. For Gaza children, for humanity. Free freedom flotilla!

    11. gunthn 47 months ago | reply

      Hey aln4grz why don't you go back on your cruise ship and stop pretending you know anything about what happens to the Palestinians.

      The only people that are successfully seeking the destruction of another people is the Israelis over the Palestinians. They killed over 400 kids under the age of 12 in there last genocidal purge in Gaza.

      What if it was your kid?

    12. aln4grlz 47 months ago | reply

      I lived and worked in Syria for 5 years. Visited all the countries surrounding Israel but never Israel. Syria wouldn't let me. They said Israel did not exist.

      If my kids were in Gaza (and I did apply for a position which would have brought my family to Gaza) I would work for peace with Israel instead of war.

    13. tomiobi 47 months ago | reply

      aln4grlz, you talk politics. If Hamas offered to protect your family from the IDF whom, honestly are acting like total jackasses, would you not accept it? I used to support Israel, until of course, they started killing innocent activists from different parts of the world as well as Palestinian children. This isn't about Hamas, in fact, I think Hamas is as daft as they come, however, the IDF lost all my respect with killing everyone in sight in the recent intifada. Like it or not, these guys just want to help, its just insensitive of you to insult people who want to feed the hungry and helpless.

    14. grauwal62 47 months ago | reply

      Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

      Greetings From germany.

      Jewish people should remember what happend in Germany from 1933 to 1945. We learned about it.

    15. www.ssarkenphoto.com 47 months ago | reply

      Keep donating money guys !!! Kind words are good, but it is money that helps ! Be generous.

    16. Tromer 47 months ago | reply

      The zionists have been stirring the world far too long and throwing middle east and the neighbouring states into chaos since its foundation in 1948.
      Their desire to expand the borders of Zion larger by eliminating the natives of the other lands from Nile to Mesopotamia.
      They have been hiding behind the veils of antisemitism and the holocaust propaganda in distraction of the world attention and continuing with slaughters which can't be tolerated any longer.
      I hope and look forward to seeing the elimination of the zionist state and peace would be founded that will revert the world heading for destruction.

    17. stefelix 47 months ago | reply

      zionists, nazi's heirs

    18. Birger_Eli 47 months ago | reply

      if you r freedom flotilla, why you hold weapon on your userpic???
      who r u exactly going to kill???

    19. w_oleg 47 months ago | reply

      ...so many nice, kind and caring people in here, caring about fellow brother Palestinian under the siege ......where was all your kindness, support and love when Israeli cities are under rocket attacks, when kids, women and elders are blown up in schools, buses and restaurants ?
      Exactly...when Jews die - they deserve it and should do it silently as they
      did all their history, but if a Jew resists - it is a bad Jew and the whole world of "kind" people like you is hysterical....way to go ! ...hate more,
      that will make us even stronger ...at least it did help for the last 2000 years

    20. Elsasa1 47 months ago | reply


      If you want learn about Islam ask a Imam not to a hater .
      The way is the same for the others religions it's logical .

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