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Yes this is sorta of a re-upload. This Priodontes now has a better picture and some upgrades.


Original drawing

Version 1



-New feet (Now allow more movement and look better)

-Wheels (Although the original drawing had them, they're only here now to help it grip to a smooth flat surface)

-2x2 plates on elbows

-Entire new backpack/cockpit (Old one sucked and was poorly made. This new one allows for a proper opening hatch and a not squished minifig and looks 1000 times better)

-New gun (Old one was far too heavy and the new one is just a lot better)


I've always wanted to improve this guy but was either too lazy or I was always occupied with other things. The reason I finally made changes was that I was displaying this at a store called Lasting Toys and I knew that this wouldn't last standing on its own. The only problems I have now is weight because this thing is pretty big and heavy, and the strength of the elbow joints. I'm going to try and come up with something new for the elbows while trying to keep the same look.


I've also improved the Overture. I hope to get a picture of it up soon.

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Taken on August 10, 2012