Cycling: Go social with your bike
Team Rynkeby & SALTO Systems NORDIC cykler fra Danmark til Paris fra den 13.-19. juli 2013. Du kan følge turen før, under og efter her i nyhedsrummet.

SALTO Systems NORDIC sponsors Team Rynkeby’s fight against child cancer.

During 2013 SALTO NORDIC sponsors Team Rynkeby, a Nordic organization aiming to fight child cancer.

Team Rynkeby works through Børnecancerfonden in Denmark, Barncancerfonden in Sweden and Sylva in Finland. They arrange different events to collect money and the biggest one is 800 persons bicycling to Paris in July each year. The organization started at Rynkeby Foods in Denmark in 2001 and last year they collected more than EUR 2.2 million.

SALTO Systems now becomes one of Team Rynkeby’s Gold sponsors and hopes to make a contribution to their important work. Team Rynkeby is a Danish-Swedish initiative and hence reflects Awapatent’s organization with offices in both Denmark and Sweden. Furthermore, the fight against child cancer includes R&D, which is the basis for a lot of Awapatent’s own business.
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