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    Free Photos – Long Sexy Legs With High Heels

    More photos and details about possible copyright or licensing restrictions here:
    Full Size Up to 3072 x 2304 pixels

    Female Model: Mihaela Vicol a.k.a. Mihella :

    Information Regarding Copyright:

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    1. Public Domain Photos 57 months ago | reply

      if you want to see how the girl looks -->
      Sexy Beach Girl

    2. theatrecat 40 months ago | reply

      I've used this terrific photo to enhance a creative piece of mine that it's perfect for. You can see the finished page here:

      Culture of the Courtesan Nouveau

      I tried to get the larger size on the original site, but it seems to have been taken down. My bad luck! Also, are you the original photographer? If so, I'm happy to credit you as such.

      Again, thanks for posting it!


    3. Public Domain Photos 40 months ago | reply

      "it seems to have been taken down" ? never ever in my life :)
      This is the real url with gallery =>
      And yes, I did picture ... and model is my wife :)

    4. Allen Dust 34 months ago | reply

      heyyy.... thank you for your work, there are verry sexy legs, see the finished page here: thank youuuuuuuuu!!!

    5. paradise7n 31 months ago | reply

      Looking good! This is totally our style. For more sexy heels and platforms visit Banana Shoes online!

    6. theatrecat2 25 months ago | reply

      Hi again, Robert - I need some clarification if you don't mind. You seem to have 3 different licenses listed on this photo page:

      1. Public domain - free to use without attribution (no photographer credit)
      2. Creative Commons - free to use, needs attribution (photographer credit required)
      3. Getty Images - costs money for license

      Would you clarify which of the three licenses we need to use? I'd like to credit you correctly, or find a different image if your photo costs money to license. For now I'll credit you as Robert Vicol, and use the Creative Commons license linked through the "some rights reserved" link on the right of the page.

      By the way, FYI, the link to the photo you posted in your comments section leads to a gallery page, but the photo itself on that page does not lead to the larger photo (it seems to be the only one that doesn't load properly).

      Thanks and best wishes - !

    7. Public Domain Photos 25 months ago | reply

      Is Public Domain.
      flickr does not have such thing "Public domain" licence type ;)

      - Creative Commons all my images is minimal "Creative Commons"
      - Getty Images - if someone wants to pay, maybe for a larger format, a why not? :) I'm not asking money for my pics, but if someone offers to give me, I gladly receive them !

      Generally accept money donations for photos via

      Note about my photos: images with brand or logos (Intel, Nike, BMW, CocaCola, etc) is only for editorial use, not comercial.

      More info:

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