Barbed Wire Vol2 No2
May 1979

Photos from the post-punk era taken in Guildford 1978-1980. Barbed Wire was a fanzine that ran to six issues, between January 1979 and June 1980. The name was invented by Gus Garside. All covers and layouts and most photos by Fred Pipes. It was often criticised for being too professional looking! The first issue was properly printed by a proper printer (Guildford Print Centre); the rest were printed after hours at a local architects. The copy was typed by Sara Green or Christine Royal and pasted up. Film was made and the halftones stripped in with sellotape, they were then printed offset and folded and assembled by hand (using the back of a spoon). They were then sold in local record shops. Advertising paid for most of the costs, and Rough Trade bought 50 of each issue, but it inevitably lost money and the only perks were free review records and guest list appearances for bands.
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