• Just studs, not nostrils :)
  • ...and therefore not nostrils flared in righteous indignation?...oh well : )) - Karf Oohlu
  • One of the best NPUs for a some time. - Pate-keetongu
  • Perfect for that chiseled jaw! - wunztwice
  • If you turned these around they might appear even more like an ear? - wunztwice
  • Like in the cartoon, the curve goes backwards...
  • Is this photoshopped or a sticker? same with the mouth and eyes? - Brent Waller
  • All stickers, but gained a bit too much contrast when I lifted the whole photo..

Lego Batman Animated bust

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Just a quick and stylized rendition from the Animated series, which I love so much.

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  1. "Orion Pax" 42 months ago | reply

    Seriously man you should do more stuff like this!

  2. Fredoichi 42 months ago | reply

    Wow, thanks everyone! Maybe because of its simplicity I seriously didn't expect this much response on this...

    ^ Alex: Got some fun ideas, so maybe I will :)

  3. Joel.Baker 42 months ago | reply

    New Trend?! Mini Busts!

  4. 「Ƞicκ C.」 42 months ago | reply

    Awesome bust is awesome. :D

  5. Wizz Bang! 42 months ago | reply

    Very Cool ... says the #1 fan :)

  6. Brickd Blog 42 months ago | reply

    absolutely stunning! this was such a formative show in my childhood. i've been rewatching the entire series, and it definitely holds up. i posted this on Brickd.

  7. bruce n h 41 months ago | reply

    Great MOC! I blogged it on ComicBricks, a blog devoted to LEGO renditions of comic book heroes.

  8. billsoPHOTO 41 months ago | reply

    "Turn on the signal light for BATMAN!"

  9. Zombify 40 months ago | reply

    This is too amazing for words.

  10. theartofthebrick 39 months ago | reply

    Super heros are lame.

  11. El Barto! 39 months ago | reply

    That is just awesome!

  12. otto2010 35 months ago | reply

    sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i like the REAL batman better

  13. Aroŋ. 35 months ago | reply

    Obvious troll.

  14. KWOTATECK 14 months ago | reply

    Draw Wildberry Princess from Adventure Time Here: youtu.be/x6s_b5Ele24

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