2016 Members' Juried Art Exhibit
2016 Members’ Juried Art Exhibit
Richard E. Winter Gallery & Torrey Family Gallery
Frederic Remington Art Museum www.fredericremington.org
May 21 – September 11, 2016

The 2016 Members’ Juried Art Exhibit rewards the museum’s member artists with guaranteed acceptance in the exhibit. These galleries hold 67 works of art of 162 submitted by 66 artists. Juror She also chose Best in Show, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners. Until September 11th, museum visitors and the general public may vote on an additional prize, the Public’s Choice Award. There’s a box in the museum lobby, and one can vote at the museum’s website, www.fredericremington.org. One vote per person, please.

Juror’s Statement
Given the abundance of rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds in the region, it’s not surprising to see a wide range of ways in which artists choose to interpret “water,” the theme of this year’s Frederic Remington Art Museum Members’ Juried Art Exhibition. Many artists reference local, recognizable points of interest, such as the West Branch of the Sacandaga, Bog River Flow, and Split Rock Falls, for example, while others take us much further afield to places like Italy, Tanzania, and New Zealand. Some artists bring the viewer in tight for detailed close-ups of water droplets on flowers, while other artists depict long views of distant vistas. Some images in the show include animal wildlife and/or humans, while others rely solely on non-figurative elements of the natural environment, such as coastlines and horizons. And some of the works in the show don’t represent “water” in a traditional sense at all, but rather imply water through the artists’ choice of subject matter (ice, snow, clouds, abstract shades of blues and greens, etc.). Several pieces in the exhibition provoke a visceral response, perhaps due to nature’s mysteries and the artists’ unique interpretations of them. Within the theme of water, the exhibition is as varied as the environment itself.

2016 Members’ Juried Art Exhibit Price List

1.Adirondack Lodge by David Crowell, 2014 watercolor - $125
2.Approaching Storm by Lydia Stauffer, 2016 acrylic - $50
3.Après Showers by Samantha Johnson 2013 digital photograph - $75
4.Attention, Row by Katie Leigh Heiss, 2011 copper - nfs
5.At the Falls by Bruce Millen, Spring 2015 digital photograph - $350
6.Autumn Waves by Terry Sametz, 2016 oil on sculpted spruce plywood - $1,200
7.A View to be Seen by Sandra Young, 2015 oil - $375
8.Azure Elegance by Mary Simon, 2016 1940’s magazine, wallpaper– nfs
9.Bad Decisions by John Elwood Cook, 2015 mixed media - $2,500
10.Beach Chat by Louise Currin, 2014 watercolor - $350
11.Bird in Flight by Ravinder N. Agarwal, 2015 oil on canvas– nfs
12.Calm Waters by Kimberly Eiss, 2016 photograph - $75
13.Catching Dewdrops by Eleanor Sweeney, 2015 photo transfer on aluminum - $150
14.Cold Bridge by Sean Witucki, 2015 oil - $1,250
15.D’If by Roy Brash, 2013 acrylic - $1,200
16.Drop of Assisi by Kylee Disotelle, 2014 digital photograph - nfs
17.Early Morning Row by Susan Runyon 2008 photography - $450
18.Ethelinda’s Garden by Dianne Drayse Alonso, 2016 mixed media on wood paneling– nfs
19.Fallen Samurai, Washed Ashore after a Tsunami by Raymond Whalen, 2015 mixed media- $ 300
20.Fall in Tupper Lake by Pamela Morley, 2014 oil– nfs
21.Family Portrait by Pamela Winchester, 2016 photography - $300
22.Floating Signifiers by Gregg Fedchak, 2004 acrylic - $550
23.Goose Rocks Sunrise by Jenifer Backus, 2015 digital photograph - nfs
24.Harper’s Arch by Lynne Reichhart, 2014 acrylic - $325
25.Just Me and My Paddle by Kathy Sturr, 2015 watercolor - $175
26.Twin Falls by Jim Lyons-Hart, 2014 photograph - nfs
27.Lake Afterglow by JianFen Wells, 2016 acrylic - $1,500
28.L’Esprit du Coeur by Angela Verlaeckt Clark, 2014 white alabaster on stainless - $1,950
29.Me Upon My Pony on My Boat Again by Mark Yale Harris, 2015 alabaster and steel - $7,200
30.Mischievous, Trickster, Balanced by Sally Hartman, 2016 oil - $650
31.Nighttide on Tanzania by Kenneth Wiley, 2016 watercolor - $500
32.Ocean Song by Georgette Bacon, 2016 organic sculpture - $250
33.On the Ice by Lawrence C. Barone, 2016 pastel - $975
34.Over the East River by Mary Ann Varley, 2016 mixed media diptych - $800
35.Patina Palace by Jessica McCauley, 2016 acrylics - $500
36.Rain in the Distance by Deborah Kaufman, 2015 oil on linen - $895
37.Raquette River Islands by Christine Zavgren, 2014 watercolor - $600
38.Rescue of the U.S.S. Leyden (Part of a Block Island Series) by Robert Selby, 1994 acrylic on panel - nfs
39.River Dancer by Suzanne Lebeda, 2015 mixed media - $200
40.River Roof Tops by Kat Mereand, 2013 oil on canvas - $650
41.Runway! By Gerard Butler, 2014 digital photography on metal - $425
42.Saint-Lawrence in Ogdensburg by Sylvie Sabourin, 2013 photography - $300
43.September Pickerelweeds by Carol Musser Rose, 2015 acrylic on canvas - nfs
44.Shingle Mill Fall by Janet Marie Yeates, 2015 oil on linen - $650
45.Split Rock Falls by Gary Larsen 2014 infrared photograph - $300
46.Still Life with Goldfish by Lorre Florin, 2016 watercolor - $350
47.St. Lawrence Sunset by Cheryl Simeone, 2016 oil on gesso board - $250
48.St. Regis Falls by Michiko Taylor, 2015 watercolor - $750
49.St. Regis Falls by Nikolay Mikushkin, 2012 oil on canvas - nfs
50.St. Regis River by Stephen Horne, 2015 oil on canvas - $600
51.Sunrise at Six by Marion Bradish, 2016 acrylic and mixed media - $150
52.Sunrise on the Marsh by Pamela May, 2014 oil - $1,000
53.Surf Against Punakaiki by Cindy Lou Lyons-Hart, 2014 photograph - nfs
54.Swampy Flow by Thomas Robarge, 2007 photograph - $48
55.The Blue Tower by Dave Ferry, 2014 ink wash - $400
56.The Point by Frederick Holman, 2013 oil - $295
57.The Water of the Lake by JianFen Wells, 2016 acrylic on canvas - $2,000
58.Turbulence at the Shore by Eric Drayse, 2015 collage - $600
59.Waking River by Anni Lorenzini, 2016 oil on canvas– $1,900
60.Watching the River Flow by Mark Keller, 2015 oil on canvas-plein air-bog river flow - $300
61.Water’s Edge by John Jungklaus, 2014 mixed media - $500
62.West Branch of the Sacandaga by Marion Kratky, 2015 oil - $495
63.When the Fog Cleared by Sergey Zorov, 2008 oil - $12,240
64.Window on the Weather by Anna Gerhard-Arnold, 2006 watercolor on paper - $2,200
65.Winter Waters by Susan Robinson, 2016 acrylics on gessoed board - $350
66.Untitled by Kasarian Dane, 2015 acrylic on aluminum - $1,200
67.Upside-Down Across Half the Globe by Sharon H. J. Cheng, 2011 oil on canvas - $3,500

One third of the purchase price of each artwork benefits the Frederic Remington Art Museum. Purchased art remains in the exhibition. It will be available for pick-up on September 14th. The cost of packing, shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser.
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