Chieka Rolling in Something Disgusting

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What is she rolling in? No idea. But it's never something good.

  1. Brenda Anderson 85 months ago

    Dogs have a real knack for finding the smelliest thing possible to roll in. Why is that? :)

  2. waxpancake 85 months ago

    She seems to be enjoying it, whatever it is.

  3. emdot 85 months ago

    i'm sure it's just vanilla or cinnamon.

  4. FlyButtafly 85 months ago

    Maybe it's an instinctive thing to cover up their own scent? MMmm. ;P

  5. fraying 85 months ago

    Yes, so none of the Chihuahua's natural enemies will smell them coming! (Natural enemies include but are not limited to Muni busses, wheelie bags, and skateboards.)

  6. Richard- 84 months ago

    My dog used to roll in dead fish at the beach. Ugh. My cat rolls on ticks.

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