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A major contribution to road safety

A cropping from what was conceived as a "now" shot to be compared with a "then" that has already appeared in the Fray Bentos photostream. I had taken the original from the doorway of the Midland Bank. This, I now discovered, had become the premises of a turf accountant, and If I'd stood in the doorway I'd have obstructed the wheelchair access ramp.

The shoe repair shop (extreme left) is a long-established Staple Hill business. It not infrequently renewed the soles and heels of my school shoes. In those days it occupied a tiny shop at the other end of High Street, a few doors up from Pendennis Road. Nowadays I suppose people buy new shoes rather than repair their old, and the shop has had to diversify. Speaking of Pendennis Road, the only other long-lived Staple Hill business that I noticed during a recent tour of inspection was the vetinary surgery, once "Mr Perry's", in Pendennis Avenue, behind the Regal. Our cats were neutered there.

Towards the end of my time in the Bristol region, our local authority, North Somerset, took to fitting its dustcarts (is this term still admissable?) with reversing horns and a recorded voice which stridently announced "Attention! ...this vehicle is Re-vussing". I wonder, if an approach were made to the formidable-looking lady standing on the corner with her arms folded, she would be willing ...for a suitable fee and possibly a royalty... to pose in precisely this posture for a figure which could be mass-produced in fibreglass. This could then be mounted on the rear of all Bristol dustcarts, with a recorded female voice which would announce, in the local accent, "Yur, watch theeself".

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Taken on August 20, 2012