Robots & Space Toys Argentina
Robots & Space Toys ........Robot's from Argentina.

During the last few decades, toy robots have regained popularity
because of the new impulse given by collectible space items. The
Buenos Aires Toy Museum holds a spectacular collection of robots
made or found in Argentina, as well as a very interesting input of
information on the subject. This huge task of collecting and
searching information is the result of a very hard work carried on
by our team of specialists.
When buying a toy from our Toy Museum you're not only buying a bit of the History of Argentina, but also contributing to the conservation of vintage and antiques toys, and to furthering the museum's research project on Argentine toy industries and to rescue valuable items for forget and the pass of time. Thank you for helping us to keep on developing this fantastic project! The Buenos Aires, “Toy Museum Team”.

For more information : The Buenos Aires Toy Museum on Line.
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