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The top notch cultural outings for free… the unknown Buenos Aires




If the dropping dollar has most European capitals playing hard to get, Buenos Aires is the furthermost extreme opposite to this situation. The Argentine capital has turned to be a gorgeous, sophisticated and inexpensive world center. The strong dollar in the Argentine economy offers visitors from around the globe a fabulous opportunity of enjoying short or long term vacations like kings and queens.


And though bargains in BA are not hard to find, especially if you divide any local price in three (that’s the exchange rate for Dollars and 3.5 for Euros), there are countless free of charge outstanding activities, most of which is consumed by locals who seek to maintain their social culture in times where the city is becoming a bit expensive for young middle class locals. So those cool hunters from around the planet coming to BA might want to enjoy both the underground and established cultural and art scene.


Theatre, movies, live music, great inexpensive food, all of it can be found in BA if keeping a sharp eye and an open mind.


For example, this past weekend the famous Russian movie Battleship Potemkin (1925)


directed by Sergei Eisenstein was played with a live philharmonic orchestra at the Colon Opera House in Buenos Aires, the finest opera house in Latin America. Tickets ranged from USD $10 to USD $0.60 standing up but with a fabulous view. A magnificent Peruvian gourmet dinner in downtown BA can go with drinks, wine, etc, for as low as USD $ 5.- And latter on at night live rock music in an Abasto neighborhood pub is for free and drinks are truly inexpensive.


This is just an example, but quite illustrating of what BA offers to its locals…


Women should also be alert, for not only top notch brands sell fabulous clothes… Independent designers of great talent and wonderful quality can be found throughout the city and putting on a brilliant true Argentine fashion outfit can go for less than USD 50 from shoes to trousers/skirts, t shirt and coat in both new and vintage clothing shops…


Experience Buenos Aires the way you want, from posh and chic to vintage and avant-garde, there are options for everyone in the city that truly never sleeps.


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Taken on November 23, 2006