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It’s well known that Argentina’s arts and antiques of great quality have positioned our country as the moment’s hot place for dealers and collectors. This country features a unique culture with the best influxes of Latin America and Europe.




Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city has always been a place where all the trends converge from Europe, the States and world wide locations. This country of immigrants was built upon influences, cultural and material brought by those newcomers from their motherlands back in the early days of our republic in the early 19th century.




The cultural treasures brought by the flow of Europeans from the East and the West, were early milestones for the art, antiques and collectibles markets to be.


But it was thanks to a local trend of wealth, distinction, and sophistication that outstanding old continent products and works of art, reached our southern shores. The all mighty argentine pampas field positioning our country as the World’s barn, its landlords and societal individuals linked it, would live in Argentina as if it was France, England, Germany or the Italian countryside. They bought everything back in the centres of culture, from art, and furniture to bathroom ware of all kind. In that way, the generations to come, had an early, strong and wonderful material and cultural heritage to develop upon.




Our rich melting pot history and culture paired to a strong Dollar and Euro, positions Argentina today as a paradise for art dealers and collectors from around the globe.


That’s why Bob Frassinetti Art & Antique Dealer has a perfect customized option for those who want more, those who wish to take the best advantage of this special market in the most effective, simple yet superb way.




During the days you will be here in BA, you can come and stay at one of BA's most beautiful Bed and Breakfast at a room specially decorated for you featuring original stylish art and antiques that suit your taste. Your custom made room specially arranged to your delight and passion will feature the selection of the objects personally handled by the team of specialists of Buenos Aires Art & Antique Dealer.


Each of the daily activities is planned in advance with you in order to plan a perfect buying trip to suit your needs and interests. We'll hunt down those one of a kind items through off the path markets in Buenos Aires as well as visiting renamed markets and fairs where thanks to our work during the past 10 years we've developed contacts with fellow collectors and specialists that are constantly working in the art and antiques’ quest. Those local shops and galleries, markets and fairs that are not regularly on the path of foreign buyers and dealers, will be available for you to select the antiques you came looking for.




During your stay in Buenos Aires you'll be able to enjoy the best of the Argentinean cuisine and culture.




These custom made tours for dealers and collectors are personally handled by the art and antique dealer, Bob Frassinetti and Flor Rodriguez who specialize in the subject and know very well Buenos Aires’ insiders art and antique world.




If your partner, with whom you enjoy so much travelling together, does not wish to hunt down antiques and art, this is no longer an obstacle for each of you to enjoy a wonderful vacation without the need of sacrificing your passion. We acknowledge the fact that people have different interests so there's no need for one of them to do something he or she doesn't care much for. That's why we arrange custom made tours for each traveller, for those who come specially to buy collectibles and antiques, as well as for those who whish to come to relax and enjoy the Glamour and Luxury of Buenos Aires, its sophisticated stores, high class spas and amazing cultural alternatives. Some of the activities can be arranged to be done separately though some others together so each of you enjoy the best this city has to offer.



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Taken on November 23, 2006